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French Beer & Beans? Je ne sais quoi!

Jim Barnes of Shelton Brothers. Photo courtesy of Jeri Lynn Astra, Jude The Blackbird Productions.

Ah Mon Dieu et Sacre Bleu! We have ze cassoulet and now everyone’s favorite DJ with a beret will be pouring some amazing French beers to go with it at this weekend’s Beer & Beans. (That’s Bières et Haricots en français!) C’est vrai! Monsieur Jim Barnes will be in the house for Beer & Beans, featuring French brews from Shelton Brothers (see full list below). He might even be bringing his mix cd of French disco called Cassoulet du Disco.

On Saturday, January 12 from 12-3 p.m., you’ll be able to sample from our incredible cassoulet dishes in a subdued environment (we’ll have them at Sunday’s Cassoulet Cookoff, as well) while we pair 10+ of our favorite beers, including many from the home of cassoulet, La France, including:

  • La Choulette Ambrée,
  • Les Sans Culottes,
  • Theillier La Bavaisienne,
  • Thiriez Extra,
  • Mikkeller – Santa’s Little Helper Holiday Ale,
  • Wandering Star – Mild at Heart (English dark ale),
  • Brasserie Dupont La Bière de Beloeil,
  • Midnight Sun Trickster,
  • L’Anjub 1907 Pale Ale,
  • Plus, Thiriez Blonde, Rockaway Brewing – Gold Stout, Carton Brewing – BDG Brown Ale, and Lagunitas – IPA, on draft with other beers TBA.
We’ll pair these interesting and unusual beers with three different (bean/meat) cassoulets made by guest chefs Josh Stokes (f/o Gramercy Tavern), Patti Jackson (f/o I trulli), and Jimmy’s No 43. Cassoulet recipes are still in the works, but may include: Smoked ham, brown ale, and Navy bean cassoulet; Hudson Valley Duck, “All duck and bean” cassoulet; and a classic French cassoulet. All our beans will be sourced from Cayuga Pure Organics, and all the meat from Union Square greenmarket meat farmers.

Which beers pair best with which cassoulet? You be the judge! Tickets available here.

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