What’s a poor writer to do? Get affiliated! Some of these links help me out; others are just here because I like them so much I don’t need to make money off of them. If you aren’t aware how affiliate revenue works, basically, if you click on one of these items I’ve read or recommended, a wee amount gets transferred to my bank account. I wouldn’t put anything up here I don’t fully endorse, so it’s not about me making money. It’s just a way to get a few pennies from my readers who were going to shop anyhow. So, thanks for doing so here! P.S. Sorry that you have to double click to get to some of these. Can’t figure out a one-step solution.

Books that Shaped My Life

These are all books that shaped me as a writer and, more importantly, human being. Sometimes they made me laugh, some made me cry, some just were an escape from whatever dreariness/boredom/depression that had its claws in me at the time. I recommend them all. You can find the Amazon purchase link by clicking on any of them, or go to the November 2012 Archive to see the original posts. TIA.

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