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7 Things Bisexual People Are Tired Of Hearing

Newsflash — bisexuals are not vampires.” Nope, but it’s a well known fact that vampires are, in fact, bisexuals. 😛

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1. “Yeah. Sure.”

Because the year is 2014 and some people (both gay and straight) still don’t believe that bisexuality exists. One guy I went on a date with actually got angry with me. He told me that people like me who refuse to “fully come out” are hurting the LGBT cause. Seriously? What do you think the B in LGBT stands for? Banana?

2. “So are you ever really satisfied? I mean like, if you were with me, wouldn’t you like… crave being with a (man/woman) sometimes?”

Newsflash — bisexuals are not vampires. Contrary to popular belief, bisexuals can enter a building without spoken consent from its owner, and garlic doesn’t really affect anything other than our breath. We don’t crave anything. If you’re a woman and I’m in a (happy) relationship with you, I will be satisfied. Why is this concept so hard for some people to understand?

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