March Forth—A 100-Day Challenge

FB_Profile1So, regular readers know how awesome I think Bonnie Gillespie is. Her blog is good for anyone, but particularly well tailored for artists. Today she writes about how this date is the only sentence in the calendar (March fourth is also a command: march forth!). I admit to learning something new today, because I’ve never thought about the 3/4 date in this way. She says she uses “march forth” as a launch date for a 100-day challenge, an opportunity to truly commit to a new habit. (FYI – Bonnie archives her articles at that URL, so if you’re coming to this post on a later date, just look for 3/4/14 in her archive.)

I told my kids that we should undertake this 100-day-challenge, to which the elder replied she was going to sleep for 100 days and the younger said he would skip school for 100 days. sigh…  But I know I should shake things up beyond cutting my hair (which I did last month, the hair dresser telling me I won the award for “bravest customer” that day, see photo herein). And as much as I would like to challenge myself to something I should do (don’t drink or do exercise), I’ve decided to challenge myself to something I want to do. For quite some time now, I’ve been thinking about doing some short fiction for this blog. I’m not a short story writer (I’m working on that whole “novelist” title), but I’m going to challenge myself to do 30 minutes of fiction writing every day for 100 days. Even if it’s crap, I’m going to put it up here, and after 30 minutes just go all Stephen King and tack on an ending even if I haven’t come to a conclusion. Maybe at the end of 100 days, I’ll have some material for awards (there are way more contests for short fiction than book-length, for obvious reasons).I am going to attempt to do this as a stream of consciousness, but I do have a general theme: The Subway Diaries. I’ve long wanted to take a train, and just sit and write about the people on it. New York City is this weirdly impersonal place to live. We literally rub up against each other all day long (and some of us rub up against each other all night long), only we never really connect. Unlike L.A. (or most of the rest of the country), we aren’t separated by our cars, but somehow we seem to be coated in an invisible armor that precludes any genuine intimacy. So, I hope you’ll read what I write, tolerate it, and comment at will. And take your own 100-day-challenge!P.S. I need to mention how much I appreciate the feedback I receive from this website. At one point, I was posting daily (or nearly so), but I broke away to focus on my beer writing. I’m a really solid beer writer; I do good work there and I make a bit of money from those efforts. However, I apparently connect on a much more human level with this eponymous blog, which is probably me at my most vulnerable (certainly me at my least cautious). I thank each and every one of my followers and readers for hanging in there with me. Some days are shit, but knowing something I’ve written truly resonates with another person means the world to me. Truly.

2 thoughts on “March Forth—A 100-Day Challenge

  1. Yeah, for you! I look forward to reading your fiction and am sure it will be as solid as your beer writing. Started my 100-Day Challenge with exercise (which I both need and want).

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