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A Very Inspiring Blog: Literature and Libation

award-inspiringWhen it comes to self-analysis, I tend to be tragically pragmatic, to the point that my honesty magnifies my short-comings without augmenting my skills. It’s not that I cannot “sell” myself; it’s just that I do it in a very basic manner. I also suffer from what my best friend calls, “an inability to comprehend just how awesome” I am.

I often think I was born in the wrong era, either 20 years late or 20 years too soon. As a child of the 80s, most of my touchstones are more remarkable nostalgically than they were in actual fact (my long-suppressed sexuality a direct result of the AIDS epidemic, for example). Perhaps if I were a child of the 60s or even a “Millennial,” I would be better poised either (in the first case) to live and let live or (in the second case) follow my passions with a complete disregard for reality.

So what does this weird musing have to do with today’s Very Inspiring Blogger? Simple, Oliver Gray of Literature & Libation has created the blog I wish I had created. I struggled for such a long time, figuring out how to incorporate all my various idiosyncratic ponderings under one umbrella (is that a mixed metaphor I smell, or is it the rain that’s prompting my illusion?). I finally came up with this theme and I am truly satisfied with it.

Did I mention I’m my harshest critic? I can’t design for crap. This isn’t true, in fact. If you look at the many blogs out there and consider that I have created several WordPress (not to mention Tumblr and Blogger) sites, I do alright. But I know what art looks like and—at least from a visual art perspective—I can’t do that. I can take someone else’s art and manipulate it (i.e. with Adobe software), but I cannot create that flawless flow that artists seem able to do with the swipe of a finger along an iPad. I just love the look of Literature & Libation: neat, crisp, compact, easy on the eyes, and so on.

Now words? Well, I’m much better with words. But even here, Gray’s site makes me ponder a WTF moment. Where are my witticisms that seem to roll off the cuff  (as in when Gray writes, “I’m also a journeyman of the fine craft of wordsmithing. I’m still many hammer blows away from reforging the shards of Narsil, but I’m committed to squeezing the bellows and tending the forge.”)? It makes me want to do this:

adkjfawrjfs aotrewthaeoaewrioweto adsiw0tiweta28915tfvm

My daughter tells me I’m too old for a keyboard smash, but I’m devolving in the presence of a superior mind.

I’m impressed. I’m a wee bit jealous. (I’m not a jealous person by nature, so “wee bit” for me is like Data from Star Trek TNG having an infinitesimal moment of doubt!) Mostly, though, I just want to sit down with this bloke, share a pint and talk to him about how much he inspires me. I want him to know that I love his blog, and it is the perfect synthesis of humanity and hops, wordsmithery and wort, blogging and beer. Oh, yeah… and Literature and Libation.

Since he does not appear to have a contact, I’m gonna hit him up on Twitter and let him know: I find him to be a Very Inspiring Blogger. In the meantime, I invite you to check him out (especially if you’re a fan of beer).

2 thoughts on “A Very Inspiring Blog: Literature and Libation

  1. I am wholly and delightedly flattered. Thank you so much! I thought I had a link to my email on my “Me?” page, but the HTML has been known to slip away from me after a pale ale or 4. I’ll look into it.

    I’m really, really glad I could be an inspiration for you. I just try to have fun with my words, and if that’s working, then let’s officially name today “The Best Friday Ever (So Far)”

    You rock.

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