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Phone Home: ET Would Be So F*(k@d

homephoneMy dearth of posts is not what you think! I swear. I wanted to update this all week, but I’m trying to focus on matters other than beer. Or—at the very least—limit my beer logs here on this website.

So let’s talk about technology. My beautiful son is 10. We last had a landline when he was six, which was far too young to be answering the phone on his own. When we moved out of that apartment, I had a big run around with Verizon. After three months of waiting for them to install a phone, I figured out I really can live without a landline. I managed to pick up a family plan that got me a cellphone (very rudimentary, no smart phone or iPhone situation) for my son. That meant if I had to run out, he had the ability to contact me. He never gets calls from anyone outside his immediate family.

Recently, I came to discover, my son doesn’t have a clue how to answer the phone. His tendency is to open the line without responding. He hands me the phone, but I assume he hasn’t answered it. I start pressing buttons and all sorts of problems insue. I decided to take it upon myself to teach him how to answer the phone. This harkened back to my childhood, when my poor sister was chastised to the point that she probably still calls with the salutation, “This is [name here]. is [so-and-so] home?”

I don’t want my son to be terrified in his telephonic encounters, but I do want him to say, “Hello,” and, “Please let me get my mom,” in the eventuality that he answers my phone instead of his own. Dedicated phone lines may be today’s reality, but courtesy is timeless.

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