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Please Don’t Hate Me For Two-Timing You!

Okay, so it has come full circle. The blogging thing, I mean. I’ve been absent for a few days because I’m building a new blog! I have lots of ideas for new posts, but I’m trying to prioritize between paying work and getting this new website up and running. Here are the key points in a nutshell:

  1. You need to hire me to create your blog. You wanna know why? Because I figured out the Oxygen theme in an afternoon. Yes, you read that right. I’ve been power designing since 5 p.m. This new website did not exist five hours ago!
  2. When I created this blog you’re reading now, it was meant to be a “catch all” for my various endeavors across the world wide web (ha! remember the WWW?!). I really think I managed to put together a cohesive site that truly has earned me The Versatile Blogger Award, but it’s a little too, well, versatile. I need to niche it up a bit.
  3. My new blog is going to be focused on making money, which means beer promotion. I will be focusing on my PR/marketing of all things brew related in the hopes of getting a solid and consistent flow of money while writing about the potable I love to imbibe.

How this impacts the readers of is that I will be far less focused on beer here, which is probably a good thing, all considerations being equal. I will still blog here several times a week, but I may not be able to blog every day. You can catch my new gig at (did you doubt I would come up with such a title? my only surprise was that this URL was actually available!). You can also hit up this blog at the menu to the right of my nameplate.

I’m becoming quite the WordPress expert (see #1) above, and I promise to get caught up on all my pithy blog posts very soon. April is just around the corner, and I’ll be doing another 30-day series.

I’d better pace myself.


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