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Volunteering… Is My Life?

So, where have I been, I know you’re all wondering! Aside from work (only two brief blog posts, not worth reblogging here—feel free to check them out from links above, if you want), I’ve been catching up on some volunteer work. In fact, I build another website! Yes, I’m building a website. For free.

volunteerEvery time I get sucked into a major volunteer effort, I invariably start kicking myself (metaphorically, if not literally). I find myself pulled away from my writing, wedging work within work to get caught up. I get less sleep and I’m more stressed. Of course, the obvious solution to this is simply not to volunteer in the first place.

Truth be told, I just wish I made enough money so that time off to volunteer wouldn’t be so stressful. I don’t believe in compulsory volunteerism (these service requirements we force upon our youth don’t make life-long volunteers anymore than required reading in high school makes life-long readers). However, I do think some people are drawn to donating their time, effort and expertise to whatever they deem a “worthy cause.”

I have always volunteered, although when I was working 60+ hours, I didn’t volunteer more than a few hours a month. I believe the most I ever volunteered was 800 hours in a calendar year (roughly 15 hours per week). I’ve even got a volunteer offer on my business cards for non-profits that hire me.

So, I’m utterly exhausted, but I know my local PTA is going to benefit long term from my weary week. And if you want to see what it was, you can see the “official” website (I’m working on getting the URL pointed to the new address) and then compare it to my effort here.

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