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Looking for a Few Good Men… Or Just One

Remember this?

I remember the first time I saw this commercial. I was kinda impressed, despite being a pacifist in the Reagan era (this commercial came out when I was graduating high school).

Fast forward 25+ years, and I find myself harkening back to a simpler time, when men were men. I don’t want to disparage the advances of men who never were and never wanted to be alpha, but in 2013, I really feel that alpha males are profoundly impaired. They are proscribed in today’s PC society. They’re labeled as “misogynists” or sexual harassers or any other epithet. We’ve gone 180 degrees and decided that “real” men need to be feminized.

If we now accept that gay/effeminate men are a-okay, why is it that men who follow traditional mores are demons? How is that fair? What? We’ve decided that it’s okay to be “sensitive” but not okay to be “insensitive”? Why is this okay?

When I look at the state of the US, I get why the red states are so defiant. It’s because us “touchy-feely” folks have eschewed them. The truth is that traditional roles are not our enemy. Some really amazing men are being lost (they’re playing video games and downloading porn, because their “impulses” are considered anathema to what America represents). We need to realize that this world has room for all our boys: the good, the okay, the sometimes-bad.

I am on a bit of a rant today, because my beautiful alpha-male boy is in trouble again at school. Why? Because he stood his ground against his teacher. He didn’t become violent or have an outburst. He stood up for himself. Because he refused to capitulate, I’m forced to intervene. To emasculate him in the name of progress.

Does the school provide him with extra gym time? Extra recess? Opportunities to lead his class? No, no, and no. He’s expected to fall in line. If he leads, it’s only on the prescribed day when he’s designated a leader. The rest of the time, he’s supposed to feel a-okay with his relegated assignment.

I get it. We all need to get along. But we also need the alpha males. Why throw the baby out with the bathwater? There’s room for diversity. Even if that includes those of us who don’t qualify as “diverse.”

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