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Breaking All the Rules and Building a Brand

Why is this picture here? Because you're supposed to have art in your blog. And I like this cow.

Why is this picture here? Because you’re supposed to have art in your blog. And I like this cow. Follow me if you like this cow as much as I do!

In the lull that has settled over this blog post-30 day challenge, I have been researching and simply reading some other Word Press blogs in an effort to get a better handle on how to build an audience. I’ve never been particularly preoccupied with gaining followers on my paid websites, possibly because, well, I get paid either way. (Don’t get me wrong, I want my posts to drive traffic to the end product, but I’m not really concerned in the mechanism that brings them to my individual websites). However, now I want to bring my work to the fore and really market this blog.

Interestingly, I am doing all the writing things right (lots of original content, good language skills, my own “voice”) but I’m busting apart most of the blogging rules. Chief among them is the reason why this website came to be: Instead of focusing on a single topic, I want to put all my eclectic writings under one nameplate and simply brand me.

I love Eating My Share. As a concept, I think it’s a really cool and smart idea for a blog. If I were to dedicate myself to it 100 percent, I think I could get a decent following in the CSA community and, possibly, with sustainable foodie types. However, beer would only marginally fit under that banner and fiction writing/travel not at all.

I am not a food writer (although I do sometimes get paid to write about food) any more than I am a travel writer. I am simply Astrid Cook, Writer. I have struggled with whether and how to bring all my various writing efforts together. I know I am taking a risk because someone who wants to read about single parent dating may have zero interest in locavorism. Some of my followers may decide to unfollow me if I blog three days in a row about beer but don’t talk about my literary influences.

Oh, was that cow eating something? Breaking rules and taking hearts!

Oh, was that cow eating something? Breaking rules and taking hearts!

This is why a blog is supposed to be consistent and targeted. But not only does this not fulfill my goal of branding myself, it also is disingenuous to how complex people are. I hope my followers (both current and the ones I am optimistic will join) are an eclectic bunch. I am excited to read the very different blogs they represent and even more curious about those couple of followers who don’t blog at all. (Ah! I see we have readers in our midst!)

So, I’m breaking free of the blogosphere bible and writing my own rules. Call it fusion blogging. I may not hit the mark every day for every reader, but I am writing for me with an open invitation extended to any and all who want to drop in and read for a spell.

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