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Dear Friends…

As you are probably aware by now (especially if you’re reading this, you have the power!), we have been really hurt by Hurricane Sandy and the subsequent loss of power. Jimmy’s No. 43 has always been a friend in deed; not wanting to boast about good deeds, but we’ve raised thousands for relief when Hurricane Irene came through and hurt our local farmers last year and a few months before that when the tsunami destroyed breweries in northern Japan. We love that we’ve been on the front lines helping others in difficult times.

Now, instead of being a friend in deed, we’re a friend in need. We’re doing everything we can to get power restored to the bar; we hope to have a generator up and running by Friday. In the meantime, you can truly help us out by buying a ticket to one (or more) of our amazing fall events. THESE EVENTS WILL HAPPEN. We’re down, but not out. We’ll also have some kind of gift program for the holidays, so consider a Jimmy’s No. 43 gift card as a stocking stuffer (or Hanukkah gift) this year.

These ticket sales may make the difference for us, so we hope you’ll check out the list below.

Upcoming events:

We thank you for your love, prayers and support during this crisis. Hope to see you at the bar very soon!

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