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Are You Mild At Heart? Thursday Tap™ With Wandering Star

We love being the home to interesting and unusual beers, but meeting interesting and unusual brewers makes drinking their beer all the more fun. If you’ve met Chris Post, Alex Hall, and Chris Cuzme of Wandering Star Brewing, you know exactly what we mean. They’re as cool as their beer, and for several Thursday Taps™ over the coming months, Jimmy’s No. 43 will feature casks their Pittsfield, MA, brewery.

This week, we’re featuring a firkin of Mild at Heart, a 4.4% ABV English Dark Style Ale. We don’t know if the boys will be around to toast with you, but we’re expecting some of them on Christmas Day for our 2nd annual Holiday Beer Family Dinner. Tickets are already available. Last year, we had a great time celebrating the day (12/25, for those of you who plan on surviving the Mayan Apocalypse) with Green Flash, and this year we’ll be featuring Wandering Star beer with Chris Cuzme as one of the hosts for the all-you-can eat family-style dinner.

As for tonight’s Thursday Tap™, we tap at 5 p.m. and, as always, until supply runs out. Regular bar/restaurant service (not to mention oysters!) still available.