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Spanish (Asturias) Cider Night With Rowan Imports

If you’ve been looking for a great excuse to join in the thrill of Cider Week NY, tonight is the night you’ve been waiting for. John Belliveau-Flores, co-owner of Rowan Imports, will be sampling from several Spanish and American ciders. The tasting is free (yes, you read that right!), although we hope your tastebuds will be sufficiently tantalized to order more cider from our extensive list of interesting and unusual brews. Among the ciders John will be pouring:

  • Castanon – an unfiltered, natural ciders from the region of Asturias, made with only wild yeast.
  • Villacubera – light and floral, the only single varietal cider produced in Spain.
  • Espanar – Dry and complex, similar to a white wine.  2012 winner of the Alimentaria Food and Beverage Expo for cider.
  • Hidden Star- Sparkling, slightly sweet American cider.  (not made in the champagne style)
  • Slyboro Iced Special Reserve – Sweet American iced cider, absolutely delicious.

We anticipate John will be in the house at 6 p.m., and we’ll have our regular bar/menu service available all night long. Come out and get your cider on!