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GABF: The Four Brewery Tour

Day two at the GABF was a four brewery tour. We visited Great Divide, Renegade, Hogshead and Prost. Denver has one of the fastest craft brewing areas in the country, and part of this is niche marketing. Great Divide has been around for almost 20 years and is expanding to meet nation-wide demand. However, Renegade prides itself on “experimental big beers,” such as its Avalanche, a Triple IPA (11% ABV). Hogshead’s “English Steve” is a British transplant recreating traditional English cask-conditioned beers. And Prost is trying to market itself as a craft beer for the non-craft drinkers of Colorado, following strict German purity standards and brewing in old-world copper. See the pictures below for your own mini-tour of what is happening in craft in Colorado!

The taps at Great Divide.

Hogshead moved into a vacant service staion in a residential neighborhood, revitalizing the area for small business.

Renegade is a small brewery making big beers.

Prosts makes (and serves) traditional German-style beers.