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This Week’s $10 Tuesday Tasting: The Ultimate Kinda/Sorta Harvest Ale Tasting

We have a lot of favorite Harvest Ales we’d love to feature, but we also have some favorites that are worthy of a taste. Thus, our favorite $10 Tuesday Tasting guide Mike Lovullo returns to tempt you with some of his favorite Harvest (and “kinda/sorta” harvest) beers. Scheduled for tomorrow are:

  • Bronx Rye Pale Ale Draft
  • Bronx Pale Ale in Bourbon Barrels bottles
  • White Birch Hooksett bottles
  • Two Brothers Bonfire bottles
  • White Birch Tavern Ale bottles
  • AleSmith Wee Heavy bottles

Please join Mike at 7:30 p.m. (we start on time for this event) and, as always, regular bar service is available for those not wanting to partake of the $10 Tuesday Tasting.