Locavore Challenge: Day 10

Daily Challenge: Make a Local Vegetarian Meal
Food of the Day: Cauliflower

Me no gusta… when the FotD isn’t in my CSA share.

So, gonna keep it short and sweet today. My goal was to blog every day for the Locavore Challenge and I didn’t make it in yesterday. That was in part because Go Daddy crashed and burned (as noted, I no longer host this website there, but one of my main work websites is hosted there plus uses “Stop Daddy” for it’s e-mail). However, it was just a really long day with a very poor effort on my part vis a vis the Daily Challenge and FotD.

Let’s start with the Food of the Day. A huge part of my weekly vegetable intake (as in 99 percent) comes from my CSA share. No cauliflower there means no cauliflower to eat, and it would be both fiscally and sustainably irresponsible to buy more veggies when I’m struggling to finish what I already have (I was happy to use the corn custard leftover mixture in the peppers I received this weekend, basically substituting squash for peppers and cooking for a shorter time… turned out fine).

Now, let’s talk about “Meatless Mondays.” While I agree that one or two days of vegetarianism each week is beneficial to health and environment, I don’t think you have to choose Monday as your day. If anything “Free Fridays” would make more sense to anyone who practices a religion, since many of the major religions have a tradition of not eating meat on Fridays (it’s not just a Catholic thing). My most recent religious practice (I’ve been a practicing Buddhist and Orthodox Christian) has meat-free Wednesdays and Fridays. In our family, we try to have “Vegetarian Wednesdays,” but this past weekend was a lot of vegetarian cooking owing to the huge CSA share. So, when dinner came around last night, I was making lettuce wraps (with ground turkey from the greenmarket).

So, while I was (mostly) local, I have to grade myself down again, since this is about the Challenge.

Where I Soared: Not a soaring day. It felt, in fact, like a Monday.

Where I Sunk: Not getting the FotD and choosing not to do a vegetarian meal. Nuff said.

My Grade: Another C-. How the mighty have fallen!

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