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Locavore Challenge: Day 4

Daily Challenge: Share Your Challenge Via Social Media
Food of the Day: Fennel

Gonna have to make it quick today; I’m behind on my work! (This is why daily blogging is nearly impossible for me… I’m supposed to be blogging elsewhere!)

I had fennel on my shopping list since Day 1 of the NOFA-NY Locavore Challenge, but Saturday I worked all day; Sunday the market was closed; Labor Day I wasn’t schlepping anywhere (and I worked the afternoon). I don’t know where to get local fennel on a Tuesday. I could get organic fennel on a Tuesday, but I had no way of knowing from whence it came. So, it was a fennel-free day. As for the Daily Challenge, well, if you’re reading this, you know I’m succeeding on spreading the word online. I have been posting to my Facebook page and using Twitter to announce these posts. Sorry to disappoint today, but gotta run.

Where I Soared: Made Nachos for dinner with Tortilleria Nixtamal chips. I would have had to make them myself to get them more local than that!

Where I Sunk: I wasn’t going to grate a pound of $20/pound cheese (local cheese is a beautiful thing, but it’s expensive and nachos require a lot more than, say, mac & cheese, which I do make with artisanal cheese). I bought the local store brand, already shredded, no fillers, definitely not local.

My Grade: Oh, I don’t know. Definitely was back in “work” mode, so not really thinking about the Challenge. B-.

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