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The Art Of The Sour: Food And Beer

Beer making is both an art and a science, but sometimes nature is better than nurture. Take, for example, sour beers—which we’ll feature at tomorrow’s Sour Beer Dinner (a few tickets remain here)—that are unique, interesting and benefit from natural microbes in their fermentation. Our friend, Matthias Neidhart, owner of B.United International, has this to say about pairing sour beer with food:

“The ‘true secret’ to incredibly flavorful food are wild, uncontrolled microbes: They have the capacity to transform flavors and aromas into something very special!  Unfortunately many people in the various government agencies believe that ‘microbes/bacteria’ are harmful & dangerous. Kris of De Dolle, for example, only wants to use wooden barrels with LIVE bacteria to age his Oerbier/Stille Nacht.Using barrels of distilled spirit does not meet his concept!”

We hope our sour beer dinner goes a long way to proving Matthias’ point about great food and great sour beer!