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Learn To Grow Hops… Or Just Enjoy Drinking Them

Photo from Edible Brooklyn by Michael Scott Berman

This Monday, July 16th, July Good Beer Month™ and the Good Beer Seal present Hopfest: Backyard Hops In Support Of BK Farmyards from 6:30-9:30 p.m. at Brooklyn Brewery. Hopfest will feature a three hours of unlimited walk-around food and beer tastings with local “backyard” hops growers throughout New York City. Teaching you how to grow hops will be:

  • The Bronx Brewery, in collaboration with the New York Botanical Gardens and the Cornell Cooperative Extension, whose Urban Hop Project is growing hops at community gardens throughout the Bronx;
  • Jeff O’Neill (Peekskill) and John Segal (Segal Ranch Hops);
  • Ben Granger (Bierkraft – Edible did a great story about Ben a couple years ago);
  • John Liegey (Greenport Harbor);
  • Host Brooklyn Brewery with more hops growers TBA.

In addition to plenty of beer, food offerings include dishes from Parish Hall, Jimmy’s No. 43, East Village Meat Market, and Sigmund’s Pretzels, among others. Tickets available now.