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Thursday Tap™ Takeover: Brasserie Dupont’s Spéciale Belge & Glassware Night

This week’s Thursday Tap™ is another “Takeover” theme night (that means you can join in the fun in the back room or just come to regular ole Jimmy’s No. 43 and partake of the usual mix of libations, great food and even better company). Following upon the heels of the very successful Ültimate Mahr’s Bräu Beer Night and Dinner, where five of our 12 taps poured rare Mahr’s Bräu brews, we’re letting the fine folks at Brasserie Dupont take over several taps and add some unusual and interesting bottles to our regular beer line-up.

First up is a rare keg of Spéciale Belge. As described by Brasserie Dupont, “Spéciale Belge is a refreshing amber beer, slightly fruity with a lightly caramelized malt flavor, and lightly laced with smoke.  Because of the signature Dupont yeast, this is a rather drier take on the style.  There is a bit of clove at the beginning and the end.”

Additionally, we’ll have Dupont Rédor Pils, a bottom fermentation “pils” beer that is filtrated but not pasteurized. This beer is a pure malt pils that uses only barley malt as starch, leaving a bitterness that reflects the pils’ tradition. And what would be a Dupont night without the famous Saison Dupont. We’ll also have Foret Blanche in the bottle, a Belgian-style witbier.

As if that weren’t enticement enough to come on down to Jimmy’s No. 43 (on another hot Thursday… the basement is cool, my friends!), we’ll also have special guest, Lauren Shor, Dupont’s rep who will be having a glassware giveaway along with selected tastings. Find out how the glass brings out the flavor in the beer, and maybe score the perfect chalice to add to your collection.