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Jimmy’s No. 43 Hosts 2012 Good Beer Seal Awards

This past Monday, Jimmy’s No. 43 hosted the 2012 Good Beer Seal Awards (of which we are happily a member). It was an incredible gathering of beer lovers from all five Boroughs (special kudos to Staten Island for finally joining the GBS fold with Adobe Blues – which brought their entire bar staff! way to support!! – and Killmeyer’s Old Bavaria Inn). Icons of the craft beer world were in the house, along with beer writers and homebrewers. Among them was Time Out New York’s Chris Schonberger, who had this to say about the Good Beer Seal Awards:

“These days, you can get a growler of great local beer at Duane Reade. That evolution is great, and it speaks to the growing demand for craft beer in the city. But it also means there’s a real need to keep raising the bar and to have an industry standard that sets the right tone. It’s not enough to have 20 taps if you’re not standing behind what you pour in a real way—this year, the writers’ committee was really looking for places that demonstrate individuality and passion, and that foster a sense of community through events that drive a dialogue about craft beer.
“The party at Jimmy’s was a perfect example of what the Good Beer Seal is about—a group of bar owners, brewers, enthusiasts and other beer-industry folks who seem to genuinely care about collective progress more than personal gain. It almost felt like an old-school town meeting, and it makes you remember that there was a time when taverns were community hubs where people got together to talk about real issues. I think a lot of the Good Beer Seal bars are cut from that cloth, which is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted in the current bar landscape of NYC. These spots not only set the standard for what good beer means today, but also foster the conversation about where it’s headed.
“A lot of media coverage is predicated on what’s new and trendy, so it’s important to have a balance like the Good Beer Seal movement that awards places for being consistent and demonstrating a sustainable approach to craft beer. To that point, there’s been discussion among the committee about editing in the future, so existing Good Beer Seal bars should be on notice—you can’t just rest on your laurels once you’re in!
“Looking at the cast of Good Beer Seal bars, it’s hard not to be convinced that NYC is making its mark as an elite beer town. The diversity and quality is really impressive.”
Thanks to Chris and all the attendees. And congratulations to the eight new members awarded the Good Beer Seal.