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Good Beer Seal Awards 2012: GBS Bars Now In All Five Boroughs!

How do you know your Good Beer Seal bar is in Bushwick? It’s next to a kick-ass mural.

It took awhile, but the Good Beer Seal has now reached the fifth and final Borough! Tonight at Jimmy’s No. 43, it was announced that Staten Island’s very own Adobe Blues and Killmeyer’s Old  Bavaria would be the first Good Beer Seal bars in the fifth Borough. The night celebrated new Good Beer Seal bars in Manhattan and Brooklyn, as well. It was a very competitive ballot, and in the end a simple majority of votes meant that a lucky eight new bars will now join the ranks of Good Beer Seal bars in New York City. So, as they say, “the envelope please…”

From the Island of Manhattan:

  • Earl’s Beer and Cheese – This pub at 1259 Park Avenue is “a small neighborhood joint where the craft beer flows with the force and volume of a surging river and the sublime cheese-related concoctions of Chef Corey Cova get churned out like it’s gourmet chow time for the hungry Navymen of the USS George H.W Bush.”
  • Dive Bar – The original Dive Bar (732 Amsterdam) has been an Upper West Side haven for great beer and good grub for years, and we welcome her into the GBS ranks!
  • Idle Hands – This EV/LES bar (25 Avenue B) has long been an entertainment hot spot, and co-owner “Rev” David Ciancio has been a fixture in the burger world of NYC.

From the Island of Long (okay, we mean Brooklyn):

  • 61 Local – A big part of the Good Beer Seal bars is community, and 61 Local embraces that one-hundred times over. You can find them in the heart of Cobble Hill at 61 Bergen Street.
  • Sycamore – You want flowers with that? The owners of Sycamore Bar and Flowershop (yep, you read that right) took a big risk combining two seemingly disparate businesses. Then again, what is a hop other than a flower? Find them at 1118 Cortelyou Road.
  • Pine Box Rock Shop – In Bushwick (12 Grattan Street), this bar offers rotating taps and vegan-friendly food options. Did we mention it’s in Bushwick?

And, finally, the Island of Staten:

  • Adobe Blues – You can enjoy Southwestern-style eats and an old west saloon atmosphere at 63 Lafayette Avenue.
  • Killmeyer’s Old Bavaria Inn – An old-style bierhaus that hosts craft beer tastings in its summer garden, the owner was a co-founder of Adobe Blues before opening the new bar on the south end of the island at 4254 Arthur Kill Road.

We congratulate the class of 2012! Welcome to the Good Beer Seal.

You’ll find great taps and a sense of community at all the Good Beer Seal bars.