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I’m Back And On WordPress!

Chard to the left of me, eggplant to the right; here I am, in the middle of the community garden, with lima beans!

After two years of blogging (sometimes sporadically, thank you for sticking with me!), I have finally made my way to WordPress, where I hope to be “married” for a good long time. I had a great run at Blogger (my old posts are still there, although I plan on migrating them here at some point), but my last hosting (what a colossal blunder it was to host on that site!) left me with wacky fonts and little ability to modify past posts. For those of you acquainted with WordPress, it’s the “Photoshop” of editors: perhaps a bit more than I truly need at this point, but for longevity, I feel like I’ve come home.

Which brings me to Brooklyn! I moved. Now I’m with The East Williamsburg/Hearty Roots CSA. It starts up in about 90 minutes. I cannot wait to see my first share from my new CSA. My CSA involvement this year will be quite different. Last year I was a member of four (yes, four) CSAs: Two meat CSAs, one vegetable/egg CSA, and one “culture” CSA (which included handmade artisan objects; sadly, I don’t think this CSA is running this year). As for the meat CSAs, well, one has decided to get local (The Piggery; if you’re in Ithaca, check out their new deli, which is incredible!) and is no longer delivering to NYC (quelle triste); High Point Farms is still offering its CSA, but I am taking a wee break (the cost was getting prohibitive and I had a lot of beef still in my freezer). I also admit to spending more time seeking out fresh meat at the Farmers Market.

Plus… (drum roll if you please), I now have a plot in my community garden!!! We are growing lots of our own veggies this year, so I’m really loving getting closer to my food. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever grown something from seeds. My son and I are getting really excited as we watch our plants gain blossoms. We’re really looking forward to August (although what I’ll do with all those vegetables remains to be seen…).

And blogged about. I’ll be migrating the 2011 posts this week, with the plan to add the 2010 posts (from blogger) thereafter. Welcome to the 2012 CSA season!

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