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What You Missed On Beer Sessions Radio™ – The “L” Word: Lagunitas, Lucy Saunders, And Learning Craft Beer (6/5/12)

This week on Beer Sessions Radio™ (full episode here) Jimmy Carbone welcomed  studio guests Mark Sljukic of Lagunitas, Brandon Moore of American Beer Distributors, and author (and Siebel Institute instructor) Lucy Saunders. Together this eclectic group talked about the various certification programs that are bringing a bit of gravitas to being a beer expert, along with Lagunitas’ expansion (both in California and Chicago), the benefits of drinking locally, and the history of beer in New York (Nina Nazionale of the New York Historical society joined the show talking about the Historical Society’s Beer Here Exhibition). Learn about aging cheese with hops, cooking with beer, and some of the offerings you can expect from smaller breweries in the region. Oh, yes, and we answer that age-old question: What beer goes best with a Margherita Pizza? (Hint: It’s all about the basil, baby!)