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It’s a Perfect 10! Thursday Tap™ – La Rullés La Grande 10

The 10th Anniversary is traditionally symbolized with “tin,” but La Rullés decided to celebrate the brewery’s 10th Anniversary with a 10% ABV new brew. We just happen to have it as today’s Thursday Tap™! La Rullés La Grande 10  is a hybrid of two Belgian beer styles: triple and Saison. The main flavor derives from the esters of the yeast. Even though it is a strong triple, the alcohol is hidden. 100% Pilsner malt is used along with water from the Rulles forest. Warrior hops are added, and a bit of Simcoe hops. White candi sugar is added during the secondary fermentation.

So join us on a perfect summery day for this balanced (and rare) keg. Jimmy taps at 5 p.m. and it’s available while supplies last!