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What You Missed On Beer Sessions Radio™ – Taverns And U.S. Beer History (5/15/12)

Beer Sessions Radio™ Episode 114 (listen here) sounds like the lead-in to a joke: America Walks Into a Bar is the title of guest Christine Sismondo, who joins Killmeyer’s Old Bavarian Inn owner Ken Tirado to discuss Prohibition and the history of “tavern as meeting hall.” In addition, Barry Smyth of Fraunces Tavern talks about some of the oldest bars in America.

The history of the tavern pre-dates the Revolutionary War and, in fact, is caught up in many monumental events in Colonial America (the Salem Witch Trials, early political meetings). Of course, beer was a big part of early American history because it was considered the safest way to hydrate.

Check out the episode and hear some urban legends of NYC bars and get a history lesson in libation!