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You Mead Your Thursday Tap™!

This week’s Thursday Tap™ is an extremely rare pin (small cask) of mead. In fact, it’s Makana Meadery iQhilika Birds Eye Chili Mead matured in South African Petit Verdot barrels.  According to the mead maker, “This mead is somewhat of a shock to the senses. African Birds Eye Chilli or Habanero Chilli lends an interesting wooded nose to the mead, which is entirely overwhelmed by the first sip, which clears the sinuses in a way similar to that of eating half a cup of Wassabi with a sushi roll. This mead is best served as an ice breaker at dinner parties, especially if the food will be hot. It is also quite amusing later on in a dinner party to circulate a bottle of Chilli mead when some of the guests become competitive.”

So come on down for something sweet and spicy! Jimmy just tapped this pin and it’s bound to go quickly!