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Welcome Culinary Historians of New York!

Tonight Jimmy’s No. 43 is happy to host (in the back room) a talk/fundraiser for Culinary Historians of NY. CHNY is a non-profit organization of chefs, cooking teachers, historians, anthropologists, food writers, food editors, food stylists, researchers, librarians, caterers, collectors, and nutritionists. CHNY members explore the historic, esoteric, and entertaining byways of food.

At tonight’s gathering, CHNY will be holding a reception for nationally known food writer, Eugenia Bone, who will be discussing mycophilia, also known as mushrooms to the rest of us. Her book, Mycophilia: Revelations from the Weird World of Mushrooms, is a collection of recipes and anecdotes involving the greatest edible fungi. More details on tonight’s event can be found here. Mushroom dishes will be served with proceeds going directly to CHNY (hint! beer goes superbly with mushrooms, so stop by the bar on your way in; porters and stouts tend to pair nicely).