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Good Beer Seal Bar, Swift, Offers Special Nøgne Ø Taps

Nøgne Ø Beer drinkers at Swift included (from left) “Just Adam,” Tom Tate, Tim Stendahl and Shelton Brothers’ B. R. Rolya.

The Norwegians are coming, the Norweigans are coming! Norway brewery Nøgne Ø Beer has taken over the taps at a couple different Good Beer Seal Bars in the East Village. On Friday at Jimmy’s No. 43 representatives from beer importers, Norwegian dignitaries, Nøgne Ø’s Tore Nybø, and the famed (some might say “infamous”) co-founder and brewmaster Kjetil Jikiun were all on hand for an intimate Ultimate Nøgne Ø Night and Dinner. Then, yesterday, it was “Clone Wars” at Swift Hibernian Lounge when a small group of Nøgne Ø Beer lovers gathered to compare the original with a couple clone beers, including an amazingly robust porter clone beer brewed by Tim Stendahl and Tom Tate at Bitter & Esters in Brooklyn. In addition to the Nøgne Ø brews, Swift has more than 20 taps and many unique bottles available, in addition to a full pub menu.