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Dish Of The Week: Knockwurst From East Village Meat Market

The summer-like weather has us dreaming of the biergarten (or, in the case of Jimmy’s No. 43, the rathskeller), a cool spot to grab a pint and some wurst. Thus, Jimmy’s No. 43 presents the Dish of the Week: Knockwurst, a venerable sausage veal and pork blend originating in Holstein, Germany, but sourced around the corner at the East Village Meat Market.

For 42 years, owner Julian Baczynsky has been serving up some of the best veal, pork, lamb, beef and other meats that only a true butcher can provide. Jimmy’s No. 43 sources traditional sausages like knockwurst and kielbasa from Julian, a noted maker of hams and traditional smoked sausages, including the sausages that go into our Veal Knockwurst, Pickled Cabbage, and Grainy Mustard (a small plate that feels anything but small). So stop by this week for the Dish of the Week and taste what the neighborhood meat market has to offer.