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It’s Personal: Bronx Brewery Delivers!

Head Brewer at The Bronx Brewery, Damian Brown, stopping by for a quick photo with Jimmy after dropping off a weekly shipment of Bronx Pale Ale.

As with any fledgling business, the owners tend to take a hand’s on approach. When it comes to NYC’s newest brewery, Bronx, President and Head Brewer Damian Brown literally carries his Bronx Pale Ale into Jimmy’s No. 43 every week. While the brewery officially opened in August of last year, their flagship brew took over a year of recipe tweaking to arrive at the perfect American Pale Ale it is today. This traditionally-crafted ale uses only premium and minimally processed ingredients to create a fresh, bold taste from a borough known for its own bold individual character. Character that includes—when necessary—a bit of heavy lifting.