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"Dish of the Week" Welcomes The Burger Club At Jimmy’s No. 43

It may not be the world’s best kept secret, but if you haven’t tried our amazing grass-fed burgers, now is the time to get acquainted with what we believe is the best burger in town. We start with Hudson Valley Harvest‘s distribution network to bring us grass-fed, free range beef from local meat farmers. As they explain, “All cattle herds are pasture based. No feedlot type infrastructure is used in raising or finishing our cattle. At no point in the present or future will preventative antibiotics or appetite stimulants be used.”

What this means for diners at Jimmy’s No. 43 is a deliciously fresh and great tasting burger. And in an effort to reward our carnivore patrons, we are launching The Burger Club at Jimmy’s No. 43. Getting in the club is easy. Three simple steps and you are there:

  1. Like us on Facebook here;
  2. Follow us on Twitter @jimmysno43;
  3. Take a picture of yourself eating a burger at Jimmy’s No. 43 and upload it to our FB or Twitter feeds!

Your reward? Well, other than a tummy full of tasty burger, we’ll be choosing our favorite photos to put on the blog. If your mug of meat is chosen, you’ll get a free burger and an American pint on your next visit. It’s a win-win. So join us for this week’s dish… and don’t forget your iPhone!