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This Week's Thursday Tap: Sierra Nevada Beer Camp's Transporter

So, this one time, at beer camp… Thus begins the story of many a young brewmaster. Or, maybe not. But our good friend, John Holl, spent his January at the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp (yes, beer lovers, there is a camp for beer), and the results are going to be available at Jimmy’s No. 43 tomorrow (Thursday, 4/5) starting at 5 p.m. John’s beer is called Transporter, a low-ABV beer brewed with a classic blend of roasted malts and featuring an addition of dry, aromatic, whole-cone hops. Akin to a hand-pulled British Ale, Sierra Nevada Transporter will transport you to a place of beer bliss. On tap while supplies last. For more of John Holl’s beer musings, check out his “Beer Briefing.”