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"Dish of the Week": Farm Softboil Eggs In Garlic Aioli Herb Pesto

This past weekend, Jimmy Carbone was making his way among the many presentations at the International Association of Culinary Professionals’ annual conference here in NYC. There were many tastings involved, and one of the most raved about was from our very own Jimmy’s No. 43 chef. It was a specially prepared soft-boiled egg with caviar roe and brown butter. While a bit rich (in every sense) and delicate for the restaurant, we’re happy to have a tasty substitution: Farm Softboil Eggs in Garlic Aioli Herb Pesto.

All free range eggs with locally sourced herbs make this a great small plate for a quick protein fix or appetizer. We’ll have this variation all week long as our “dish of the week” offering. Be sure to ask for it when you stop by.