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"Dish Of The Week": Violet Hill Farm's Belle Rouge Chicken

photo courtesy of The New York Times

As many of our frequent guests know, Jimmy’s No. 43 is a great place to get affordable, locally-sourced cuisine to go along with a great pint (or two). This week, we are featuring menu items that incorporate Belle Rouge Chicken from Violet Hill Farm in West Winfield, NY. This specialty chicken has been carefully created and raised by farmer Paul Dench-Layton; the Belle Rouge brand is exclusive to the farm and only available to Saturday Union Square Market shoppers.

Jimmy notes, “Paul delivers to us on his way home Saturday evening after manning the Union Square greenmarket tent. Over the years, he’s raised everything from pork to guinea hen. His belle rouge chickens taste like chicken should!”

Paul has worked diligently to find the right combination of feed ratios, growing conditions and breed of bird to get the much loved and super tasty Belle Rouge chicken. And this week you can taste just how great it is at Jimmy’s No. 43!