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Celebrating 100 Episodes On Heritage Radio Network

Leading up to the Heritage Radio Network celebration at Santos Party House (get your tickets here), Beer Sessions Radio™ was profiled in the February issue of Beverage World. The “Beer Hear” article summed up 100 episodes (two-year’s worth) of the Tuesday afternoon radio program featuring Jimmy Carbone and various guest co-hosts, namely Dave Brodrick (Blind Tiger), Jen Schwertman, Ron Lindenbusch (Lagunitas), Shaun Hill (Hill Farmstead), Rob Todd (Alagash), David Geary, and Garrett Oliver. Of course, Beer Sessions Radio™ wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for early efforts by Sam Merritt and the late Ray Deter.

We hope you’ll join the radio team at next week’s March 21st Heritage Radio Network Awards Party, and in the meantime, you can read the entire Beverage World article here.