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Beer For Lent Fasters… And Everyone Else!

Once a year, Schlenkerla brewery creates an historic and specific cask beer for the Lenten Season. Happily, we’ll be tapping a cask of Schlenkerla Fastenbier (5.6% ABV) this Thursday, March 15 at 4 p.m. While we hope the supply lasts the weekend, if you want to get your glass, be sure to join us when Jimmy Carbone will be pouring this traditional beer.

The history of Fastenbier starts with Heller-Trum Brewery in Bamberg, Germany. They brew Aecht Schlenkerla Fastenbier once each year for release during Lent. The Fastenbier uses half Schlenkerla smoke malt and half pilsner malt; the finished beer is left completely unfiltered so as to deliver a heartier, more full-bodied beer for the Lent fast (liquida non frangunt ieunum – liquids do not break the fast). Thus, no reason not to try this amazing brew!