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Hot Sauce Relief: A Great Day For Those Who Love It Spicy

We had a great turn-out to taste hot sauce and drink soda (GuS was in the house!) In addition to all the amazing hot samples, there were brunch bites from Jimmy’s No. 43.  Thanks to our judges: Matt Levy (Levys’ Unique New York! “NY’s First Family of Tour Guides!”), Regan Hofmann (Our Town Downtown Journalist), and Clay Gordon (The Chocolate Life).

Winners –

  • “Tears of the Sun” from High River Sauces won the Inna Gadda Di Hotta Award;
  • NYC Hot Sauce’s Xtreme won Jane Fonda Feel the Burn category as hottest hot sauce;
  • Mike’s Honey won Gateway Sauce.

Relive the spice, below:

Steve Seabury, our co-host, was on hand with copies of his book along with his award-winning sauces.


Danielle thanks the participants while our DJ spins tunes to liven up the room (not that we needed livening up!).


Beneficiary of an earlier fundraiser/tasting event, Evolutionary Organics made sure to send us some of their hot sauce to sample.


Barry Schwartz (Grown in Brooklyn) and Heidi Tickle (Tickle Sauce) returned to Jimmy's No. 43 with some added spice!



Austin and Wenjay were representing Local Roots CSA and offering up honey miso coleslaw made with Mike's Hot Honey!

Speaking of Mike's Hot Honey, they were drizzling honey over crisp apples, goat cheese and walnuts. Delicious!



Would you like literature with that? Author Josh Bernstein took some time off from signing books to be present at the Hot Sauce Event. Thanks, Josh!


Looking to cool your palate? GuS to the rescue!


Beth Linskey brought savory relish and a spicy jelly to tantalize our tastebuds.


It's an all-Jimmy'sNo43-weekend for Jon Bratton of NYC Sauces. He will also be at the Gumbo Cook-off!