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What You Missed On Beer Sessions Radio™ – Bruce Williams And The Rise Of English-Style Cask Ale (12/20/11)

Recently, Bruce Williams of Williams Bros Brewing Company stopped by to talk about Scottish beer and why he wants a cask-beer accreditation system in place in the US for bars. While there has been a rise in popularity of English-style cask ale the past five years, many breweries are not up to the task of making real cask ale. Following the Beer Sessions Radio taping, Bruce joined us for a few beers. He had been hoping that some American bar owners would jump on the bandwagon, demand, and serve perfect examples of traditional, authentic English cask ale. After a few pints together, we all realized that the cask campaign would have to start with American craft breweries! This will be an ongoing story, but why not listen to Bruce yourself (hear the episode). Perhaps by fall 2012 we’ll be back with more info about real cask ale to surprise you all!