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Greenmarket Demo/Tasting with Jimmy Carbone, Jessica Wilson

In case you didn’t make it over to Union Square yesterday, here’s a recap of what you missed! Jimmy Carbone (Jimmy’s No. 43) and Jessica Wilson (Goat Town) were cooking up a beef kielbasa and warm bread salad that was yummy yummy yummy! It would make an incredible stuffing or side for your Thanksgiving meal. As Jimmy noted to the long line of folks waiting for their taste of greenmarket heaven: “If you really want to support local meat farmers, buy their sausage, because it’s the most sustainable meat. We love sausage for the colder months, and it’s a key part of the Cassoulet Cook-off (that takes place in January/February).”

Here’s a photo of Jimmy and Jessica cooking…

…accompanied by Jessica describing the tasting (all sourced from what was available at yesterday’s greenmarket) followed by some sage (no pun intended!) advice from Jimmy about cider.


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