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Pick Your Potent Potable: It's The Beer Versus Wine Challenge (11/2)

Oneology, phoneyology! Craft beer, daft schmear! When it comes to wine lovers and beer lovers, is there any way to solve the debate as to which beverage is better? Of course there is! Just head on over to Jimmy’s No. 43 on Wednesday, November 2nd, for the first ever Beer v. Wine Challenge. In this corner, wearing homebrew blue, is Chris Cuzme, president of The New York City Homebrewers Guild. Opposite him, dressed in burgundy and chablis, is Nicole DeCicco of Upstate Wine Company.

For a mere $20, you get four tastings paired with a wine and a beer. You also get a ballot. Which foods go better with which drink? You be the judge. The menu is announced as follows:

  • Beer sausages w grain mustard/dijon blend
  • Sharp cheddar cheese w honey drizzle
  • Bite of shrimp & grits
  • Pork Belly bite

Tickets are available now, and be sure to check back in to hear the “trash talk” interviews in preparation for Wednesday’s bar brawl (of the sophisticated, non-pugilistic variety).