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Edible New York’s "Eat Drink Local" Week To Culminate At Jimmy’s No. 43

As a part of Edible’s 3rd annual “Eat Drink Local” week, Jimmy’s No. 43 will be hosting the culminating event of the week! Our East End Oyster Night, co-sponsored by Blue Island Oysters. will offer all-you-can-eat oysters from the East End of Long Island. The event will offer up precious Blue Points along with “Naked Cowboy Oysters,” wild-harvested bivalves named after the Naked Cowboy himself (he’s scheduled to make an appearance).

Notable shuckers will try to dethrone Jimmy’s No. 43 champ, Eddie “Oysters,” winner of the 2010 NYC Food Film Festival’s Great New York City Shuck and Suck. Tickets are $35 online, payable in advance.

Craft beer and wine available for additional purchase will also be sourced from the East End of Long Island. Featured beer will include Greenport’s Duck Porter, and wines will be from the Paumanock region vineyards.

Blue Island Oyster Farm is located near the Fire Island Inlet on Long Island with access to Great South Bay’s world famous Blue Point oysters.