A Time To Blog

They say the great thing about complaining about the weather is that it is bound to change. Perhaps so, but I am very much over the weather conversation that seems to be going on ad nauseum this winter. I would blame my sentiments on my age, but in truth, everyone seems to be completely disgusted by the cold that will not go away, the spring that has yet to come. I just want to be somewhere where my hands and feet are not always cold.

This website is like me: a work in progress. I haven’t had much time to devote to it because I’ve been slammed with work. While this may be considered a good thing, I am not getting paid nearly enough to make the extra effort easy to generate. It’s hard to motivate yourself to give up sleep in a warm bed (about the only place I ever manage to feel warm these days!) when you know that the payment will not be robust. However, in the new economy, any paid work beats the alternative, so I will try to juggle it all in the hopes that warmer days (both physical and metaphorical) are on the horizon.

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